Your child’s place to explore, discover

and learn to love learning

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Lana‘i Early Learning is committed to customizing your child’s preschool experience. We keep our teacher/student ratio to no more than 1 teacher to 6 learners per day. We recognize that children have different interests, attention spans, abilities, and learning styles. We offer hands-on, age appropriate materials and curriculum that incorporates language arts, creative arts, math, science, music and dramatic play. Your child is encouraged to question, experiment and play. Lana‘i Early Learning is also committed to helping your child build self-confidence, as well as develop self-help and self-care skills.

Our ultimate goal is to prepare your child for a successful year at kindergarten and help them learn to love learning.

Welcome to the Lana‘i Early Learning licensed preschool program that operates in the heart of Lana‘i. Our mission is to help children love learning through creativity and imagination.